Is a story of perseverance and determination. It’s a story that centers around our graphic designer, Jackson, who started playing hockey just prior to turning 4 in Estero, FL in 2004 and the togetherness, spirit and love of our family of four.
In 2006 we pulled up roots and moved to the great state of Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Before the dust settled Jackson was diagnosed with asthma and advised by a specialist that hockey wasn’t the right sport for him. I guess as a family, we kind of accepted it. Jackson began studying graphic design and photo editing during his down time. We fully supported it and hoped it would help keep his mind off of hockey. Jackson had other ideas. He was determined to not just play hockey with asthma, but to also accel at it. He wanted to show the world that kids with asthma don’t have to quit doing what they love. He was persistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer. We agreed to find a new pediatrician and a new specialist. Armed with an aggressive treatment plan including strenuous conditioning and training coupled with tedious experimentation with medicines and dosages Jackson returned to the ice. Since then, Jackson has spent the last 10 years playing hockey and designing graphics. He has played in two different countries, 17 different states and 41 different cities, in almost 600 games and competed in the ice hockey national championships. In 2017 he was named Captain of his High School hockey team for his junior and senior seasons.
It’s with this kind of determination and desire that we bring you comfortable, high quality apparel with a unique style of design blended with passion and character mixed with a touch of southern culture.

Mark, Amy, Lexi and Jackson

Over the next couple months Jackson will be announcing a verbal commitment to a university where he will be playing hockey while majoring in graphic design. 

Jackson has committed to MTSU!

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